The frequency spectrum is a scarce and finite public resource that can support a finite number of users. Managing the radio spectrum, therefore, involves weighing up a range of competing factors to ensure the optimal use of all frequency bands.

These factors may include:

• ensuring that the requirements of all radio services are met in an appropriate manner;
• maximizing social benefits arising from radio use, for example, in relation to public safety, national security and emergency; and
• enhancing the country’s competitiveness by ensuring that an adequate spectrum is allocated and assigned to uses that derive reasonable economic value.

UHF-VHF License Consultant
Documents Required
After fulfillment of above conditions, WPC issues the Letter oflntent (LOI). Then the Decision Letter is issued to the applicant after fulfillment of following
  • Covering Letter (Request Letter)
  • DD for the amount mentioned in the LOI in favor ""Pay & Accounts Officer (HQ), DOT.""Payable at New Delhi
  • Copy of Letter oflntent (LOI)
For the case of Service, maintenance:
  • Covering Letter with filled Application form.
  • In respect of new private users 4 copies of filled up 11 column application (Application form to operate wireless link/network under ITA 1885) complete containing list of the fixed station, annexure A&B, etc.
  • In respect of Govt./Govt. undertakings and private users those who are already holding license/decision letter single copy of 11 column application form complete containing list of the fixed station.
  • Online Registration
  • In the case of CMRTS, copy of service license obtained from DOT
  • Product Catalogue (Data Sheet)
After fulfillment of above conditions, WPC issues the Decision Letter.Then the license is issued to the applicant after fulfillment of following
  • Covering Letter (Request Letter)
  • In-voice of equipment from authorized DPL holder whose DPL is valid as on date
  • The purchased equipment should be in compliance with technical parameters given in the decision letter
  • Copy of decision letter IAIP
  • Copy of SACFA Clearance if mentioned in the AIP/DL

The applicant files an application with the Authority


The Authority examines the application


The Authority reverts to the applicant with an offer to assign frequencies


The Authority issues a radio communication licence


It takes 15-20 days

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The period of validity of a frequency licence is one year or part thereof and must be renewed annually by payment of the applicable frequency licence fee. All radio licences expire on the 30th of June each year and must be renewed by then or earlier if continued use of the assigned frequency is desired.
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