IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity number is unique to each mobile handsets regardless of the technology it handles like GSM, CDMA, UMTS MS or even Multi-mode MS. This IMEI number is set by the manufacturer in the factory itself. Hence it cannot be changed or erased. All IMEI number are allocated and comply to the standards of mobile communication which is 3GPP TS 22.016 and its equivalents. IMEI numbers are used in imei number tracking to identify where the cell phone is currently in use for tracking the lost mobile phones and in cbi investigations. IMEI number varies across manufacturers like samsung imei number, nokia imei number etc.

IMEI Registration


IMEI number structure consists of 15 digits and this can be viewed by pressing *#06# and you can see the 15 digit display. This 15 digit structure corresponds to different interpretations. Once the IMEI number is got, you can analyze this. This will say who is the phone manufacturer like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, etc, and also the mobile models like 1600, N70, N90, etc. This analysis also tells the estimated date of the range issuance in the year. Number format predicts the following contexts.

  • Full IMEI Presentation – 15 digits
  • Reporting Body Identifier – First 2 digits
  • Type Allocation Code – First 8 digits
  • Serial Number – 6 digits from last but one
  • Check digit – last digit

Reporting body identifiers like BABT, Type allocation code is defined by BABT, the serial number is the number range allocated and given to manufacturer and finally, the check digit is the function that defines all other digits and is set by the manufacturer.


IMEI Number is necessary for each and every mobile handset. Indian telecom regulator TRAI announced that all the mobile phones without IMEI number will be banned. Most of these non-IMEI phones are china mobiles. Now there is a facility to register the IMEI number in the non-IMEI mobile phone and deadline to register in this. People are seen in the queue to register the IMEI numbers in china mobiles. Special IMEI number registration centers are there to do this across the nation.



The Mobile Equipment (ME) Importer / Brand Owner will require downloading (please download the attachment from point 7 of the registration form) and filling in the details of the IMEI Registration form (all fields mandatory) and send the documents (duly notarized as indicated) back to the designated Coordinator through e-mail. The Importer is also required to courier the photocopies of the original documents (duly notarized) to the MSAI Delhi office address. (AB Mobile Standards Alliance of India Pvt. Ltd. 205-206, 2nd Floor, P.P Towers, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi-110034 | Website:



After qualifying the verification stage of the documents received from the Brand owner, he will be intimated of the same and along with the TAC Allocation Charges Details, the Brand owner also receives the Technical Specifications Format, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Manufacturers Agreement. The Brand owner may opt for the BAND as per his requirement of IMEI Numbers. On confirming the BAND Type, the process raises and sends the invoice and awaits payment confirmation (Wire transfer/Cheque payment).


IMEI Requisitions Are Processed Within 24 Hours Of Payment Confirmation.
  • Technical Specification Sheet all fields are mandatory to be filled in the specifications form, of the models you would like to acquire IMEIs for. Should you find the format of the technical specification too elaborate, the Brand owner may send us the technical specifications as provided by the vendor.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Importer will require getting the content signed by the company Director (with Company seal) and send back the document (both softcopy and hardcopy).
  • Manufacturers Agreement - Importer will require getting the content printed on a Rs. 100/- stamp paper (duly notarized) and get the same signed by his company Director(with Company seal). The hard copy of this agreement is required to be sent at the MSAI Delhi office address.
Please Note: IMEI allocation is not equipment approval. An IMEI allocation does not mean that the equipment has been approved. IMEI ranges are allocated on request; evidence of compliance is not required for an IMEI allocation.

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    The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a device identification number mentioned below the battery of every mobile phone device for the identification of the particular mobile device. This number is different in every mobile device. IMEI number tells that where the mobile device is made and what is the model number of the device.

    The IMEI number of any phone indicates the phone’s current location. Through IMEI number, it can be ascertained that where is an individual standing? If a person’s phone is lost or stolen, then that phone’s location can also be traced through the phone’s IMEI number. If someone does not know the IMEI number of his mobile phone then he has to dial * # 06 # from his phone to know the same.

    1. The most important advantage of the IMEI number is that it helps in catching the criminals.

    2. If someone has lost his mobile phone or stolen by someone then IMEI number can be useful to trace the location of the phone/thief.