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    Product testing seeks to ensure that consumers can understand what products will do for them and which products are the best value. Product testing is a strategy we do to increase consumer protection by checking the claims made during marketing strategies, which by their nature are in the interest of the entity distributing the service and not necessarily in the interest of the consumer.

    Why it is Important?

    Product testing can happen both before and after the official launch, all the way from the initial idea stage to the prototype to the finished product. In the beginning, product testing helps businesses to determine the viability of the product.

    Moving closer to the launch-ready version, product testing identifies ways to further improve on what’s already been built and the product should be efficient & safe for the end user.

    Government Role:

    The most common government role in product testing is creating laws for the creation of products with the intent of ensuring that manufacturers accurately describe the products they are selling and that products are safe for consumers to use.

    Industry Role:

    The most common industry role is to provide products and services according to industry standards. In any industry, some standards will be voluntary (which means that the industry practices self-regulation), or mandatory (which means that a government issues a regulation)

    Our Role:

    We as an organization have all the imperative quality-certifications like ISO, NSIC, MSME, DOT-Approval etc. Quality-assessment and scrutiny are extremely requisite in our system.

    Before trading any product through our network, we make sure that it meets all the obligatory quality-centric requirements.