TEC stands for Telecommunication Engineering Centre. TEC facilitates the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India in drafting and implementing various standards and policies for safe and secure use of emerging technologies in telecommunications.

TEC had released specifications for the quality measures for the telecom equipment. These specifications can be categorized as Generic Requirements (GRs), Interface Requirements (IRs), and Service Requirements (SR).

TEC is responsible to issue various approvals such as Interface Approvals, Certificate of Approvals, Service Approvals & Type Approvals.

Every telecom equipment must undergo prior mandatory testing and certification. The detailed procedure for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipments (MTCTE) under these rules shall be notified separately. The testing is to be carried out by Indian Accredited Labs and based upon their test reports, the certificate shall be issued by TEC

TEC Approval consultant
  • Forwarding letter (Sample).
  • Template Form 'A'.
  • Compliance Report as per TEC "IR" & TSTP (Sample).
  • Industrial License/SSI Registration /Certificate of Incorporation / RBI Permission to open Branch Office, FIPB clearance as applicable, etc.
  • Foreign collaboration copy (if applicable).
  • System specifications containing features and capabilities of the equipment put for approval.
  • User's Operating Manual
  • Software and hardware installation guides. Systems support and maintenance guide.
  • An Affidavit, attested by Notary Public for each model put for approval.
  • Infrastructure Assessment Form for the product offered by the Manufacturer to the first time & Infrastructure Assessment shall be carried out for only Indian Manufacturers only.
  • In the case of traders, an authorization letter from the manufacturer appointing him as a trader for the product indicating the period of validity if fixed or open-ended. MOU also required to be submitted if available.
  • In the case of the trader/Branch Office declaration that he has a Test and Repair facility for the product.
  • EMC and EMI test results and test certificates from the authorized accredited lab as per TEC IR, if applicable.
  • The availability of Test Instruments and calibration certificates of those instruments need to be submitted to TEC.
  • Each Page of the documents to be submitted should be stamped and signed by the authorized signatory.

Pre-registration of applicant


Testing of equipment from Labs designed by TEC


Submission of application in TEC online and offline both


It takes around 15-20 days

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Full form of TEC is Telecommunication Engineering Centre. TEC is a Professional body for the Testing and standards for Department of Telecom, Government of India. TEC takes care of testing and certifying equipment and products for the Telecom Industry.

The Government departments and corporates require that the telecom equipment that they use needs to be TEC certified.

Type Approval

Type approval is the process of testing and certification of telecom product, in accordance with Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) of TEC, for conformance with the Generic Requirement GR of the product issued by TEC.

Interface Approval

Interface Approval is the process of testing and certification of telecom product, in accordance with Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) of TEC, for conformance with the Interface Requirement IR of the product issued by TEC.

Certificate of Approval

Certificate of Approval is the process of testing and certification of telecom product as per the manufacturer’s specifications. This certificate is granted only when TEC does not have a Generic or Interface Requirement of the product. The testing shall be conducted in accordance with the Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) approved by TEC.